Thursday, 21 July 2011

I've been to a marvellous party...

Oh my loves it is with a certain moistness of eye that I write to you today, popping a lid on the old blog's pot and bidding a fond adieu to our Pride Bristol frolics of the last few months. 
But before we get too weepy let's just remember what a hoot it's been!  
The Darkling Team with Pride Bristol wunderkids Daryn, Anna and Amy
There are many wonderful people we've swept up along with us over the past few months and like a good girl I've done all my thank you kindlys on our new Good Eggs page. 

If you'd like to follow the talented little Darklings then you can find out all about what they're up to now I've released them back into the wild, just click our Jolly Fine Team

And to you my dears thanks ever so for following our misadventures, for helping us sell out the bloomin' Tobacco Factory theatre, for jitterbugging and laughing, for marching proudly and PrideBristoling and for reading the ramblings of an old soak thus far. 

Very fondest squeezings and here's to Pride Bristol 2012!
Mrs C x

P.S. Oh I must just add that you can get some post-darkling joy by coming along and seeing the fantastic Zahra Barri aka Dickie in her very own Edinburgh preview tonight at the Wardrobe theatre bristol, see you there, mine's a G&T! 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Final Night tonight!

Well if I do say so myself dear things, WHAT A STONKER! 

After a long, cuticle-biting trip-to-the-water-closet-inducing day of tech-ing and dressing and prodding the actors the premiere of Pride Bristol Theatre's The Darkling Plain went up and what a hoot it was! 

It all kicked off of course with our fabulous pre-show vintage fair where we were joined by Cox and Baloney, had our tastebuds tickled by Pretty Amazing cakes and were treated to a stall by the bloody marvellous Malago WI.  

Unfortunately Cox and Baloney will be unable to join us this evening but instead we have the rather marvellous Sincerelyours with clothing and nick nacks and what not, what a bunch of loves! 

We had fab pre-show and interval-tainment (is that a word? I'm trademarking it) from the melodious Jo Gilder joined by some lovely singers of Sing Out Bristol, fab acapella 40s' hits from Bristol's own Out of the Blue not to mention a dazzling display by Graeme and Ann from Hoppin' Mad. There were spins and twirls and lifts and well bloody impressive stuff dear things. Such athleticism, it's enough to make one need a little sit down. 

Special mention, however, must go to Beehive brides for their incredible vintage make-overs; I don't think Mrs C. has ever been quite as happy as when sitting under heated rollers, gin in hand! I tell you you will never look this good again for a tenner and do ask Fiona for some showbiz goss about who she's had in the chair....

And speaking of goss, what a fabulous and intriguing display stall from OutStories Bristol, can't wait to see what new stories they added to the LGBT map tonight!

Oh, then the show was a bloody marvel too and tonight we're going to do it all again! Tickets are selling awfully ruddy quickly so make sure you get yours dear things!   

See you under the bunting, ice and lemon! 

Fondest squeezings, 
Mrs C x

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Darkling minus 24 hours! (ish)

Oh my giddy Aunt Mabel we are hurtling towards opening night at quite a pace and the dear darklings have just completed an absolutely stonking dress rehearsal! 

Gosh, you lucky people are in for a ruddy treat - do book your tickets though, we're selling at quite a pace so get your tickets now dears! 

Here's a sneaky peak of some rehearsals to whet your appetites...

Friday, 8 July 2011

Pre-Show Vintage Fair Line-up Announced!

Well darlings, what a co-hort we have to kick off Pride Bristol's The Darkling Plain in true gin-supping, lindy-hopping, frocliking-in-bunting style! 

Joining us we will be the ruddy glorious Cox and Baloney, with some of Bristol's finest vintage wares. Making us more beautiful than the love child of Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor we have the wonderful Fiona Maynard from Beehive brides who'll be curling and lining and gosh knows what else! We're lucky enough to have the gorgeous Jo Gilder tinkling our ivories all night and do give him a nudge if you'd like to get up and sing along! 

If you come along - and for goodness sake why wouldn't you - you may also get to jig about with the wonderful dancers of Hoppin' Mad and Swing Dance Bristol, either that or skulk by the bar where the Tobacco Factory assures me there will be gin and ginger beer on offer...

The fabulous OutStories Bristol will be there with an exclusive display about the LGBT and hidden histories of Bristol although I have warned that young Charlie chap not to dig too deep into Mrs C's murky past.  Hmmm. 

Potential libel suits aside, whether you're shopping, dancing, singing along at the old joanna or being a history buff, burning off all those calories means there is only one remedy; cake and lots of it. Delighting the eyes and tickling the tastebuds will be the incredible edible creations of Anne Paulette from Pretty Amazing Cakes

Well lawks, never let it be said us Darklings don't throw a good bash! There are even rumours afoot of the mysterious glamourous Malago and Clifton WI swinging into town. Better stock up the gin...

Absolutely bursting to see all of you there! Don't forget your tickets! 

Fondest squeezings, 
Mrs C. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A bunch of Cox (and Baloney)

Well darlings, gosh I have been rushed off my heels getting everything ready for the Darkling extravaganza and although it's always preferable to have someone else blow your trumpet I must blow my own for a second and say it is going to be a ruddy hoot!

First off the bat, I am delighted to announce the delightful Cox and Baloney as our vintage gurus, helping us take over the Tobacco Factory bar and drag it to the 40s' for a jolly old time. There's bunting afoot, a host of music and dancers, maybe even the odd hair-do and cupcake. What's more darlings, last week I found myself with the marvellous Clifton WI! Fingers crossed they're in as they do seem a giggle.

Back at Darkling HQ I hear that everyone is 'off-book' and certain cast members have managed to stop goosing themselves whilst in frocks. Lawks, what's the saying? Never work with donkeys, childregs or thespians.

Toodles! Must dash, I'm on some sort of island and I must find out how one get's off.

Fondest squeezings, Mrs C. x

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Get that sticky bun off my frock!

Well darlings, time is chugging along merrily like a winged chariot or some such thing, and now we find ourselves hurtling towards opening night at quite a pace! Really it seems only moments ago it was March! I suppose this is what comes from the odd aperitif at lunch eh?

I've locked the lovely little darklings in a rehearsal room with strict instructions that they're not getting pudding until the dress rehearsal; one does have to keep a firm hand with actors you know. 

The wonderful Ms. McPherson and Ms. Macauley have been producing costumes and props left, right and stage centre - greatly aided by the legendary Ms. Pam Tait. Honestly, I was so overcome by her marvellous generosity this week I became terribly sentimental and bought her a sticky bun. Then again I have heard that spending a great deal of time hanging about theatres can make one lose all decorum. That is why they're such fun.

Speaking of impropriety I have a wicked piece of gossip that I must let you in on, come closer....closer....shhhh...OK. It is rumoured that several of the Darkling gentlemen have received a little ticking off in rehearsals because they're so thrilled by their frocks that they're getting terribly distracted. But my goodness who can blame them! I imagine they're feeling breezes in places that have never felt the breeze before! Or so one imagines....

Mr. Wragg-Smith, Voguing with abandon

Hinge and Bracket; the Early Years

As my darling son Dickie would say "Golly! It's all an adventure" 

Fondest squeezings loveys, 

Mrs C. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Darklings hard at it!

The lovely Miss Becca Gordge and Miss Georgina Trevor forget to wax.
Hilarity ensues for the delightful Mr. Nick Finegan
and Miss Zahra Barri.
The bleedin' gorjuss faaamily; Miss Becca Gordge,
Miss Sara Gledhill, Mr. Tom Rawlinson
and soon-to-be-Dr. Sam Olof.